FEA Conference 

My favorite break-out session was one called FIP. It was about a model of classroom where the student has a lot more say in what they are learning. All the students learn the same thing but at different speeds. The students decide what they need to work on, future goals, and how they will reach them. The teacher guides all of this and then helps the student acheive what they need to. We haven’t learned about something like this in class as it isn’t exactly self-directed learning but it was interesting. I’m not sure what the parts for section one are yet but maybe I could use this as evidence in one of my papers. 

I’m not really sure how I contributed to make this a good experience. I don’t think I made it any worse, if that counts. I just tried to do what we were told and go from place to place without causing any trouble. I’m not sure if that was helpful or not but that’s about the extent of it.

If I had this to do over I would have finished my lesson plan. I had begun working on a lesson plan for competition but never finished it. I was enjoying it and wish I had made it more of a priority. I was writing an ELA lesson plan for second graders on discriptive writing and would have taught it to my second graders at Jefferson. I wish I had finished it so I could have had that experience. Otherwise, I enjoyed myself.